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So you're looking for wedding photography - which means you're probably engaged (or at least will be soon!). Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting times in your life - and we want to make sure it stays that way.

Why Professional Wedding Photography Matters

There are a few staples you'll want at your wedding: rings, vows, the kiss... and a photographer who knows what s/he is doing! Trust us on this - we've seen plenty of horror stories from people who opted to have their "friend with a nice camera" take their wedding pictures to save some cash. Guess what - that was actually ME several years ago. Our friend offered to take our wedding pics for free, which was SO KIND, but looking back we wished we had hired a pro.

You're getting married. It only happens once in your life (hopefully!). Which means you want someone who knows how to capture every moment throughout the day. Someone who knows where to be at the right time. Someone who keeps the process moving along so guests don't get bored. Someone who has all the right gear - and backup gear - to ensure nothing goes wrong. Someone who knows how to pose you so when you look back on your day you think, "Wow - we looked great!" instead of always wanting to hide your pictures from the eyes of your friends.

Listen - I know because I've been there... both as the guy with the friend with a camera, and AS the guy who been the friend with a "nice" camera (yes, I totally botched my first wedding way back in the day. I feel horrible about it. Ask me about it sometime.). It's a really nice gesture, and sure you'll be happy to save the cash, but you won't be happy in the long run. Get someone who knows what they're doing (hey - that could be me!).




Here's What You Can Expect

Our promise(s) to you:

  • We'll meet with you ahead of time and get to know what you're envisioning for your wedding pictures.
  • We'll show up ON TIME, dressed appropriately, and prepared.
  • We'll be exactly at the right spot to get the best photos of you as the day happens - without getting in the way.
  • We'll keep everything flowing. We'll even keep everyone in line (if needed), so you stay on schedule.
  • We've got gear. And backup gear... including cameras, lenses, batteries, flashes... really everything you'd want your wedding photographer to have, we've got a backup plan for it.
  • You'll get all of your photos back in a reasonable timeframe (usually within 5-6 weeks) so you can relive the memories while they're fresh.
  • We'll be friendly and enjoyable to all of your guests.
  • We'll be priced fair and affordable for any budget - large OR small. (perfect segway...)

Let's Talk About Wedding Photography Pricing Options

This is your day, and we want you to remember it forever. We also realize weddings can get costly - quickly - so we do offer budget options if cost is a concern. If you're not concerned about budget, great!, we're capable of meeting your expectations of creativity and pizazz.

Let us know what you're thinking and we can work together to build out a package that matches your vision.

Where We Travel For Wedding Pictures

We're wedding photographers in Ashland, Ohio, but can travel just about anywhere you'd like. Common locations are Ashland, Wooster, Mansfield, Millersburg, Loudonville, Ohio. But don't let that limit you. We'll gladly travel for destination weddings or other locations!

Let's Get Started

By now you probably want to book us, right? Well, hang in there, let's schedule a time to chat through your ideas. If we're a good fit, great!, we'll get dates booked for your wedding and engagement pictures if you'd like.

Let's Talk Wedding Photos!

Pictures with a Purpose

Help us make the world a better place! We donate at least 10% of every sale to fight human trafficking and
improve our community.

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